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Vote for Education Rights in the All Campus Elections!
April 8-10th (location: online)

Vote “yes” on SDS’ referendum in the All Campus Elections! The referendum says that U of M students will have a vote and a voice in all future tuition decisions. It’s time to take back our university! Learn more on facebook. More info to come on voting logistics via email and at the facebook page. See below for more info:

SDS put a referendum on the All Campus Elections! Usually students only vote on who their student government reps will be, but this year you can vote on the future of U of M tuition rates as well! Here is the language that will be on the ballot:”I agree that University of Minnesota students should have a voice in tuition increases:

1) I agree that, in order for all students to be informed with regard to the distribution of our tuition dollars, the university administration must fully disclose the budget in April prior to any decisions to raise tuition or fees.

2) I agree that, regardless of state funding, there should be no future tuition or fee increases for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year and that future tuition and fee increases require a vote from the student body.

3) I agree that, that all administrators making $200,000 and more should take a 10% or more pay cut in order to save the university money that should be invested in furthering the teaching and educational missions of the university.”

This referendum is a part of SDS’ ongoing education rights campaign. We believe that education is RIGHT for all people, not a privilege of the wealthy. We realize that even if the referendum passes, there will still be a struggle to give students a voice in budget decisions. But we believe that this referendum is an important step to bring the U of M back to its original purpose as a land-grant institution and to make it affordable for all Minnesotans! Please help us reclaim our university by voting for our referendum in the All Campus Elections April 8-10th!

More info to come on how-to-vote details.


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